Media Agencies and Media Centres

During difficult times, money must be managed more efficiently than ever.

DOOH is a programmatic buying platform connected to Publisher platforms that sell advertisement spaces. During this process, audience data and available inventories are also offered.

EASYDOOH offers you free access to its Robotdooh demand-side platform. It allows you to carry out programmatic DOOH campaigns in Spanish or Portuguese cities using the CPM (Cost per thousand ad impressions) pricing method.

  • We have outdoor and indoor digital screens with different formats in several towns of both countries.
  • We have dramatically simplified the traditional contracting complexities, making it hence easier to produce a DOOH campaign that runs quickly and smoothly.
  • The whole process is automated to publish immediately the chosen ads on the platform as planned.

Our DSP provides the right technology to both impact pre-established audience segments in the right locations and to achieve efficient results.

All reports on impressions, dates, times, populations, budget spent, etc. can be checked from a single dashboard.