Digital Audio

EasyDooh is a partner of

EasyDooh is an agent of We also market in Spain and Portugal the platformAudioTrade, a DSP which is purely focused on digital audio.

AudioTrade technology enables agencies and advertisers to globally and locally carry out the programmatic buy of digital audio ads on online radio, music streaming sites and podcasts.

AudioTrade is a centralised multi-channel DIGITAL AUDIO buying platform. It allows for audience segmentation and detailed reporting, optimising thus media buying according to each client’s needs and objectives.

AudioTrade includes formats such as audio-spots, banner campaigns and dynamic ads with several audience segmentation variables, such as the weather conditions or the location. This DSP currently works with payment modalities based on CPE (Cost Per Listener) and CPM.

The platform also features digital audio statistics such as LTR (Learn Through Rate) and records how many users took an action to listen to an audio spot. To ensure transparency and brand safety for the advertiser, it also reports where each ad was heard.

According to German Herebia, a co-founder of “Thanks to AudioTrade, agencies and advertisers can use programmatic buying to broadcast digital audio ads on leading online radio stations, audio streaming sites and local podcasts. It also represents an excellent chance for publishers to monetise their digital display network by increasing their visibility to major media buyers.”

EasyDooh – AudioTrade has an English-speaking customer support team.